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17 Oct

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate


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120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate© 2019 by Coventry House International – Ontesol 28QUESTION 1: Mind maps and SQ3R (Word count: minimum 400)How would you apply this knowledge (Mind maps and SQ3R) to help your students develop their language and study skills?Here are some guidelines to help you answer this question.Briefly describe the steps for each of the techniques (Mind maps and SQ3R) and analyze them considering the following questions:– Would the strategies chosen by the teacher depend on the students’ interest, age, capabilities, and/or level?– Which would be more specific for beginner/low intermediate levels/high intermediate/advanced, Mind maps or SQ3R?– Which strategies discussed in the articles will also help you with your studies?Do you think you can benefit from them to improve your reading comprehension and study skills? If so, how?QUESTION 2: Learning Styles and Strategies (Felder’s theory)Complete the questionnaire and reflect on its results:What is your predominant learning style? What areas need to be balanced?How would you provide your students with a balanced learning experience? Can you think of activities that will do this? Think of an activity that would appeal to adults for each type of learning style, i.e., one activity for active, one for a reflective, one for intuitive, and so on. (Word count: minimum 400)Reminder: You need to consider adult learners, not children, for the TESOL course.You will find the Reflection Evaluation Criteria (rubric) for reflective essays in your course-site.Submit the assignment to your tutor via email in an attachment, and wait for feedback to submit the Reflective Essay 1.
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