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9 Apr

1500-2000 words, base it on the films “Save The Last Dance” and “Street Dance 3D”…


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1500-2000 words, base it on the films “Save The Last Dance” and “Street Dance 3D” and how they showcase dance relating to the theme of discrimination.
At end of the term, students will complete a final assignment (5-7 pages, between 1500 and 2000 words) where they will be expand on an idea from a previously submitted Reflection paper and build it into an extended discussion that incorporates secondary sources and detailed movement descriptions.
Expanded Reflections should demonstrate a coherent structure (topic sentence, introduction, multiple paragraphs, conclusion); detailed description of a minimum of two dancing scenes from one or more films from the course; synthesis of ideas from the course content; integration of a minimum of two secondary sources; university standard writing, grammar and punctuation; and a works cited. Final assignments must be written by students in their own words with proper attribution.

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