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12 Jan

364JA Bachelor Of Nursing


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Part A
Mr Walker is a 72 year old male who presents to the Emergency Department of his local hospital in the early hours of Monday morning. He presents with lethargy, confusion, abdominal pain and distention. Pt’s wife states Pt has been taking bowel prep since yesterday, in preparation for routine colonoscopy today.
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Pt has not eaten in 20 hours and last drink was 2000hrs last night.
Pmhx- History of bowel polyps.  MI- 5 years ago with 2 vessels stent.
Usually manages own medications. Wife states he takes something for cholesterol, something for blood pressure and something to thin his blood. 
Social- independent of ADL’s, non-smoker, lives with wife at home.
Present your initial( A to G) assessment of Mr Walker in relation to his presenting condition.
Discuss other considerations in relation to recognising the deteriorating older person.
Part B
3 hours after initial arrival to ED, Mr Walker starts to complain of chest pain. He is diaphoretic and tachycardic and becoming increasingly agitated. He is calling out and trying to get out of bed.
Discuss your priority and escalation of care
Discuss other considerations in relation to recognising the deteriorating older person.
Part C
The events as you would in the nursing progress notes( Head to Toe https://charteredessay.com/pubh6005-epidemiology/
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