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26 Nov

a finance assignment | Good Grade Guarantee!

Finance (several topic)
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 Would need some help with a finance assignment (investment analysis) and it requires the use of excel and solver. the assignment is divided into 4 parts and i’m stuck with the 4th part. Below are the questions for part 4. (a) Construct and plot the risky asset only MVS with no short sales allowed for the five asset classes plus gold. (Recall you will need Solver to do this.) (b) Plot the MVS for the unconstrained problem—found in 2.(c)—on the same set of axes. (c) List the portfolio weights for all the data points used in constructing your no short sales allowed graph. (d) Identify and report the range of expected returns for which the short sales constraint is not binding. (e) Discuss the compositions of the portfolios at the end-points of the MVS with no short sales. I have attached the answers for part 2 and 3 plus the raw data. Please let me know if you are able to complete these 5 questions. If not i would seek help somewhere else. Do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance

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