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1 Jul

a health condition or social care


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select a short video of a person who has a health condition or social care need .Explain the competing models of understanding health. Illustrate how these apply; you should recognise the various constructs of health and well-being. The video ‘losing a partner to Dementia’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv9kaCCva3U Identify, define and demonstrate knowledge of competing constructs of health and well-being across the life course including lay, professional and personal beliefs; You should be answering the following types of question: Explain the health issue in detail include; how health and/or well-being defined generally and then in relation to the issue in the video? Is there a definition that links to the model of care? Are there lay perspectives about the issue/professional views provided? What personal beliefs underpin the individuals actions in the video? How could the health issue be viewed at different points in life course.
a health condition or social care .

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