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15 Sep

(a)  Study the information and data available, and if possible, read up other relevant sources…


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Question 1
This ECA requires you to analyse a dataset that is available from the following website:
The above website is all we know and you are required to download the dataset and prepare it in a form that you can extract useful and meaningful information to support decision making.
You are encouraged to use professionally prepared graphical and tabular illustrations in your answers. Graphs and tables are not included in word counts.
(a)  Study the information and data available, and if possible, read up other relevant sources that refer to the given dataset. Use up to 200 words to describe the characteristics of the data attributes, and the possible business domain that this dataset is used. Identify a critical success factor that must be considered to ensure the successful application of analytics in this context. You should extract as much useful information as possible as this may help in your subsequent analyses. If certain information you need is not available, you may also make your own logical assumptions.
(b)  Identify one (1) possible business problem that can be addressed by visualizing the given dataset. Discuss why data visualization can be recommended in this case. Use up to 150 words for your answer.
(c) Show how the data is prepared in a form suitable for analysis, and then produce the results using Tableaux. Using up to 200 words, explain how the results address the problem mentioned in Part (b). State one reason why Tableaux is potentially useful here.

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