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23 Aug

ACC03043 – Corporate Governance Assessment 2 – Case Study – Board architecture at Arcelor… – NO PLAGIARISM

From the case studies provided you will choose a person who you would like to develop an empathic
August 23, 2019

Clinical Reasoning Cycle
August 23, 2019

ACC03043 – Corporate GovernanceAssessment 2 – Case Study – Board architecture at Arcelor MittalDUE DATE: Monday, Week 10, 11:00 PMWEIGHTING: 40%WORD LIMIT: 2000 words (excl. references)Please write your word count on the front page!All students are required to submit this assessment via the ACC03043 SCU Blackboard learning site. Hardcopy and email submissions will not be accepted and late submission penalties will apply to assignmentsthat are not submitted on time via the specified Blackboard site.The following questions are all based on the Financials Times article ‘Governance may impede Mittal’spursuit of Arcelor’ and the case study information below.Case Study: Board architecture at Arcelor MittalThe merger of steel makers Arcelor and Mittal in 2006 produced the world’s largest steel company, with330,000 employees and forecast earnings of $15.6 billion. Arcelor had fought a long defensive battleagainst the hostile takeover, valued at around $35 billion. Arcelor was incorporated in Luxembourg andhad adopted European governance architecture, with a supervisory board, including employeerepresentatives, and a management board.Mittal was a family company with a tradition of growth through acquisition, in which the founding familystill played the dominant role. Arcelor had criticised Mittal for its inadequate controls, because it hadmany Mittal family members and few independent directors on its board.In the merged Arcelor Mittal company, the Mittal family retained 43.5% of the voting equity. The new

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