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22 Nov

ACC1002: Introduction to Economics Assignment objectives The aim of this assignment is to expose you…


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ACC1002: Introduction to Economics
Assignment objectives
The aim of this assignment is to expose you to real-life Macroeconomic issues. You are encouraged to research widely and think critically to complete all tasks. The objectives for this assignment are: (1) to provide you with the opportunity to apply concepts you learn in class, and (2) to develop competencies to work more effectively in groups.
Assignment Topic: Covid-19 and the U.S. Macroeconomy
“The novel coronavirus has infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world since it first emerged in China last December. It has compelled many governments to lock down their populations to a degree unimaginable until recently. It is causing the most brutal recession in living memory” (The Economist, 2020, para. 1).
Assignment Tasks: research, collect relevant data, and analyse the following
 Task 1: Macroeconomic issues in the U.S. and international issues
 Task 2: Government and policymaker responses
 Students can present any aspects, which students think are ‘relevant’, ‘interesting’, and ‘related’ to the two tasks and the topic. For example (i) for task 1 student can analyze financial markets, employment, real gross domestic product (ii) for task 2 students can evaluate government and policymakers attempts to control Covid-19, Monetary and Fiscal Policies. Examples of interesting issues related to the topic and two tasks are the effect of Covid-19 on increasing inequality in the U.S., comparison of policies effectiveness between countries, the outlook of the U.S. economy after Covid-19. Students must not limit their research to the examples given.
 The focus should be on both the immediate and long-term impact of Covid-19. Students’ views should be offered and specified clearly in the assignment (for example, whether you agree or disagree with government responses and stating the reasons)

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