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2 Dec

Accounting Coursework assignment | Good Grade Guarantee!

Management SchoolACFI 821Advanced Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Management AccountingCoursework assignmentPlease write an essay (max 2000 words) on the following topic:Obtain the most recent set of financial statements for a FTSE 350 constituent company listed on theLondon Stock Exchange and analyse their financial performance for the last two financial years. Yourreport should cover the following areas:1. Financial performance2. Corporate governance structures3. Corporate social responsibility performanceCritically evaluate the above areas from an investor’s perspective in light of existing regulations andempirical evidence. Your report must provide recommendations to eliminate any problems which youmay identify. Any recommendation you provide must be supported by evidence.Guidance1. Write clearly and concisely.2. Provide clear evidence of using academic literature in your coursework.3. In order to get high marks you will have to demonstrate that you have undertaken fairlywide-ranging research on the issues raised in the coursework.4. Use other data and evidence to support your arguments.5. Always focus in your writing on what is required in the essay.Submission:1. You must submit your assignment to Turnitin on VITAL by midday 13 December 2019. Pleasesee the Assessment section of the VITAL website for ACFI 821. Only online submissions areaccepted.2. Turnitin is a plagiarism and collusion detection system. If you do not submit to Turnitin yourwork will not be marked.3. If you are not sure about plagiarism either look carefully into your student handbook orconsult your personal tutor or the module leader.4. To submit via Turnitin, go to the assessment area for the module on VITAL and you will find alink for the coursework. Click on View/Complete and then on the “submit” icon for the paper.You are then prompted to submit a title for the paper. Use the “browse” button to locate thefile you want to submit, then click “submit”. You will then be asked to confirm that you wantto submit by clicking the “Yes, submit” button.Dr. Sardar AhmadOctober, 2019

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