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16 Oct

Add the following media to your site. Content should be appropriate to the look, feel,…


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DirectionsAdd the following media to your site. Content should be appropriate to the look, feel, and context of your site.Image Gallery (add to the Gallery page): Create an image gallery with at least three images. The images should be displayed as thumbnails that open a larger image in a pop-up window when clicked. All of the images on your site should use the alt attribute to describe the image.Video: Can be taken from YouTube or other sources or made by you. Be sure to include player controls.Audio: Use .mp3, .wav, or .ogg files. Be sure to include player controls.Make sure to do the following:Add a functioning video to a Web page.Add a functioning audio track to a Web page.Create a functioning image gallery according to specification.Write developer comments to describe and explain code.NotesMake a note of the following as you complete this assessment:Images should ideally be created using JPEG, GIF, and PNG-8 file formats. Use the online image resizing tools to resize your image to the intended display size. You want to avoid the browser scale your image as it can cause color depth and resolution problems.Audio and video file sizes can get quite large, so be sure your file sizes are less than 10 MB to be able to quickly upload and download them. Your hosting server may limit your file sizes as well, so be sure to check if there are any limitations.HintsA few hints to successfully complete your assessment:If you are looking for resources around audio and video, make sure that you are looking specifically for HTML5 resources. The extensive plugins and browser workarounds are no longer a concern. All video and audio can be used through the and

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