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1 Apr

addressed the tasks of the assessment


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I need a lot of changes in it and have attached all the needed material to guide further .. 
These are the comments of the tutor for the above assignment ..
“I am very concerned as you haven’t correctly addressed the tasks of the assessment. I strongly recommend that you revisit the assessment instructions and ensure you read these alongside the relevant theory in the textbook so that you are clear on the steps required in a strategic marketing plan. You should also refer to the resources online – for example the coaching slides (I went through in class) should also provide you with clear guidance. Your task is to apply the relevant strategic marketing concepts specifically to Trinity Hill. This has to have a long term focus. Not operational detail. It appears to me that your focus is on price and discounting, which would not be in line with TH’s brand positioning.
Generic theory or general recommendations are also not particularly relevant.
Please carefully review my feedback on your first assessment!
Your starting points need to be to fully understand Trinity Hill as a business. How are they currently positioned in the market? What is the organisation’s strengths? What is their competitive positioning? What is their product range? Pricing level?
You can’t make recommendations for the future if you are not clear on what they do now.
The next step is to identify the specific strategic challenge / opportunities your recommendations will address.
Note that it is not correct that TH follows a cost leadership strategy.
In addition just focusing on price and deals are not strategic recommendations…these are operational marketing actions.
You will need to read and understand the actual strategic marketing concepts to enable you to apply them to your business.
This assessment should be applied and realistic to the actual business and current business environment.
Your marketing objectives are neither (or based on any actual data or research evidence).
The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate you can apply specialised knowledge of strategic marketing to develop recommendations for Trinity Hill. Your work needs considerable development to meet the standard required to demonstrate this.
I hope having the textbook will help you study strategic marketing to be able to apply the concepts to the assessment task.
As I have stressed in class you will not find the answers in journal articles….this assessment is about your recommendations and ideas based on a solid understanding of the subject so that you can apply the concepts correctly”
Please follow the instruction carefully .. and have attached the ppts for recommendations and the word document which shows the structure of the assignment
Please follow the template given below as SMP template

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