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1 Feb

AGENCY ANALYSIS REPORT | Good Grade Guarantee!

REPORT LENGTH: 2000 WORDS(maximum of 10% leeway, excluding list of references).
The purpose of this REPORT is to develop a profile of the FOODBANK NT where you have completed a placement. The main objective is to identify and describe the following elements:
(i) the historical context of the FOODBANK NT,
(ii) its vision and mission,
(iii) the organisational type, structure and culture,
(iv) its primary beneficiaries or clients,
(v) the main services it offers,
(vi) and the ways it delivers its services.
Besides clearly articulating on the elements individually, you will also have to draw consistencies and linkages between them. You need to discuss how the FOODBANK NT fits into the broader field/system of human services, social work, community development or international development aid and humanitarian assistance. You will be able to critically reflect on and understand the nature of the organisation by undertaking an agency analysis through writing an INVESTIGATIVE REPORT.
The belowlisted factors may guide you when designing your report. You may focus on specific elements and add additional ones where required. Be mindful of using an academic report format (a report is not an essay)and make sure you do not simply identify and describe the factors listed below. It is expected that you also analyse them to draw consistencies and linkages.
· Formation of the FOODBANK NT (historical context)
· Vision and mission statements
· Type of agency/organisation
· Organisational structure
· Organisational culture
· Clients or beneficiaries
· Main services offered
· Service delivery models
· Links between organisational structure, organisational culture links, and service delivery models
· Organisation fit into the broader field/system of human services, social work, community development or humanitarian assistance etc.
· Font: Times New Roman, Arial or Century Gothic
· Font size: 12
· Alignment: Justify
· Line spacing:1.5
· List of references: Minimum of EIGHT Academic References ONLY
· Referencing style: CDU APA 6th
· Format: Analytical report format & structure (cover page, table
of contents, (executive summary), introduction, body, conclusion, (appendix/annex), list of references.
N.B: Academic report format MUST be followed which is attached below:
Reports are usually divided into three parts:
Preliminary information
· title page
· executive summary/synopsis
· table of contents
· list of illustrations
· acknowledgements.
Body of the report
· A statement of aims including a hypothesis (that is what you intended to do).
· A rationale for your research (that is why you did it).
· A description of methodology (that is how you did the research).
· Your results (that is what you found out).
· Some analysis (that is an interpretation of what the results meant).
· Conclusion (and recommendations for action).
Supporting material
· references
· appendices.

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