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24 Feb

All Animals are Equal


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You will first fairly and accurately summarize the authors argument (this is theThey say portion), and then engage in conversation with the author and his/herargument while presenting your own opinions on the subject (the I say portion).
In the introduction of your essay, you will establish for your reader the essay you areresponding to, the main argument of that essay, and a thesis statement that summarizesyour own argument with a response to the authors original argument. The rest of yourpaper can respond point by point to the authors argument, dissect flaws in the authorsoriginal argument, concede points that you do agree with, and/or providecounterarguments.
No outside research. You should properly cite references to the original reading, including using quotation marks anytime youdirectly quote the author.
Link to article: https://spot.colorado.edu/~heathwoo/phil1200,Spr07/singer.pdf
All Animals are Equal first appeared on Template.

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