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16 Oct

America First hand textbook, Genora Dollinger, “Taking a Stand: The Sit-Down Strikes of the 1930s”


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Read in the America First hand textbook, Genora Dollinger, “Taking a Stand: The Sit-Down Strikes of the 1930s”(((((((( Utilizing the American firsthand text book 10th edition volume 2))))))))Then complete the primary source assignment review sheet and submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. Only Questions 1 through 5 are applicable.Remember to address what precisely Genora Dollinger experienced and witnessed utilizing quotes to provide specific examples and as evidence to support your contentions. Remember to cite all direct quotes and paraphrasing using footnotes. Use the In-Text Footnotes template located in the Instructions and Templates for Assignments/ Informational Resources Module. Also, refer to the video tutorial “Footnotes Are Easy”Refer to these sources if you are unfamiliar or unsure how to write an argumentative and compare/ contrast essay. Read them in the order listed below.Argumentative Essay: Purdue Online Writing Lab – Argumentative Essays (Links to an external site.)Compare and Contrast Essay: The Writing Center – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Comparing and Contrasting in EssaysPlease see the Check list attached in the additional materials.Use Footnotes! please.

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