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26 Mar

American culture, violence; U.S. economy & business values AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

(German university) Seminar for American Cultural Studies (advanced): “Topical Issues in Contemporary American Culture” Content: ” This class will explore major developments in recent American culture. Attention will be paid to important trends and crucial events since the 1990s and their historical and cultural significance. Issues to be discussed will include landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases; trends in American foreign policy and relations; demographical changes; major social and political controversies involving race and ethnicity; Native Americans; issues in education (e.g. admission policies, bilingual education, home schooling, creationism); American self-definitions and collective memory after 9/11; religion in America; American culture and violence; U.S. economy and business values; expressions of popular culture; recent election campaigns and results. All participants are expected to already have or to acquire a firm footing in American history and culture. Course materials will encompass textual as well as visual materials which allow for a discussion of America’s many tensions, paradoxes, and promises. Course requirement: oral presentation. Credit requirement: 8- to 10-page research paper.” The paper’s topic can be freely chosen as long as it deals with developments in recent American culture; one of the fields mentioned.

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