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20 Feb

American History and Education Policy


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The research paper for this course invites students, in consultation with me, to critically examine the historical events that resulted in the formation (or attempted formation) of an educational movement, policy or curricular shift.The paper will be between 5-7 double space pages (including citations), font 12 – Times New Roman and demonstrate the correct application of the citation style of your choice.
Check “Research Essay Instructions.pdf” and “Rubric.pdf” for detailed requirement! BE SPECIFIC on INTRO and THESIS!!!
*IMPORTANT:The sources you are drawing from to write your paper will be of two types: books and peer-reviewed articles. I require at least six peer reviewed, academic articles and a maximum of two books.
Examples of Peer Reviewed, Academic Article: (NOT FOR USE)2005 MCDONELL – No Child Left Behind and the Federal Role in Education Evolution or RevolutionWARREN – A Reconstruction Promise
Lecture Videos: (ONLY FOR WATCHING)1. Colonial Periodhttps://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/cM06lmAtxxlReLcDsYPDVQIobN6ZdIpZQZ_y3Pe3fR-dQlshbQ41Rrtm47W_7tPE.Clsq1ohTe0Sog3x52. The Common Schoolhttps://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/H-YPXOcKNsJoKuC-_Dy6nnJ6UqoS5xxwqLGOAfVfVMB_tNqaXVsGtGMW4teLoeWL.jPybOt34l3mby6gn3. The Era of Reconstruction (Part I)https://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/bzAFj_-15KC759DL5uPgJekUKY2eo2EvDX1yfeUU5dlBvuS8j2H5dzUd3lpUOUlz.BvxVE_qZJkDsWTrV4. The Era of Reconstruction (Part II)https://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/NWKQZRcaw08TCx0Hjj3vZvbTWrZpZCQDhHk88i-tGHIUoa5XdyFVxmaVqzWoPPDG.xtt5xrYmmPSh7d7q5. The Progressive Erahttps://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/jYgc0rbsb0A6a5sOdxKEa8OvVg4j59UXMRPJa0vXRTHX1hDAEXbNkUNHwUQCDsc-.zchUmWyiCRJwYNIx6. The Brown Rulinghttps://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/TVPxBOfNJKu6AICSX7oIBc6U2qtFO0peifGG0ZIpVVOk6-_vd1Zx3hsIR_99SWyF.ZVZgGZDz779HQKkK7. The Era of Community Controlhttps://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/9SbxwzNZVWeXhY6a9WrN_s3QN1jSd_D75ShvwlHSR_7pNJLuoh1NBa-0qXXabhf8.UG3Hu-fEOjG5KU-J8. A Nation at Risk & The origins of School Choicehttps://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/mcE4ivaoNXvc0_yb0dkIbdzAIiQ2rXHUVeX4-iOI3ShJfVyRBCe8j0CavdqkSsYL.yp100bgQpO6rsxlj9. The American Charter School Movementhttps://uci.zoom.us/rec/share/Hhdp9sbMaTY86ysisfxN8uxGAK757WJZH_YAWb8aiiYdgJ8KoEChfz5-yPkW6rEE.rB7IfWb12HknmYVI
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