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13 Mar

Analysis of Leadership of the… | Good Grade Guarantee!

You will complete this Module Assignment in four submissions:An analysis of the leadership of the organisational change issue (Week 7 —formatively assessed)
A critical literature review (Week 9 — summatively assessed)
A final report on how the leadership of the change initiative will be undertaken(Week 15 — summatively assessed)
Although Week 5 and Week 7 submissions are forrnative, you will use your Tutor’scomments and feedback to develop your work, and to ensure you are progressingalong the right track. Please note — you will not be able to submit your assignmentfor Week 7 unless you have made a submission in Week 5. Likewise, you cannotsubrnit for Week 9 unless you have submitted in Week 7. The final subrnission canonly be rnade if the previous submissions of Weeks 5, 7. and 9 have been rnade.Late submissions will incur grade penalties if they are not subrnitted on time.This Assignment is designed to equip you with the skills needed to analyse anddevelop solutions to leadership challenges arising from an organisational problem. Itgives you the opportunity to combine learning from the module with your owncreativity to challenge the status quo and develop a credible environment for leadingand rmanaging change successfully.
Imagine that you have been appointed as an external change managementconsultant to an organisation that you are familiar with or that you currently work in.Your task is to write a report to the CEO with an action plan and recommendationsfor leading and managing the change successfully. The plan must be both engagingand offer realistic ideas for implementation that address the causal factorsunderlying the issue of concern. Be realistic in your assumptions; do notunderestimate where matters rnight go astray or where complications rnay occur.Your recommendations should be supported with logic that flows from your problemdefinition.
Week 5 Module Assignment: Identification of the organisation for which you will beWeek 7 Module Assignment Analysis of the organisational change issue‘X Provide an analysis of the leadership challenges related to the organisationchange problem you identified in Week 5.‘X Use your knowledge and experiences of your organisation’s businesspractices and culture to consider the irnpact of the change on all stakeholders.‘S Compare and contrast the interests, rights and values of all parties involved inthe issue to identify conflicts that exist.
Consider any ethical issues faced by the leader that exist as a result.2hejchange. Does the change affect some stakeholders positively and othersnegatively, (Up to 500 words)

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