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30 May

Approaches to research


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Approaches to researchSubject:Master of Education(teaching)Order Topic:Approaches to researchInstructions:Assignment 1—Article Critiques From the selection of articles available through the library via FLO, identify one refereed journal article that employs a quantitative approach and one that uses a qualitative approach (i.e. select two articles). Note: The reviews should be undertaken only from the articles provided. On a title page include your name and student ID and correct APA citations for each of the articles that you are reviewing. Write a critique of each article to reveal your understanding of the strengths and limitations of each article relating to: a. the overall research topic, the research problem, justification of the problem and the central phenomenon or research question(s) and hypotheses (if included) addressed. b. the scope and construction of the literature review. c. the specific research design, e.g., experimental, grounded theory, correlational, ethnography. Include a brief explanation for your selection of design. d. the methods employed for collecting data including the site/context, participants, research tools or instruments. e. the methods used to analyze data. f. ethical considerations. g. thediscussion of results and conclusions reached. h. study limitations. Note: You are required to present a summary of your critique of one of the articles to your reading group in class. This oral presentation is non-graded but is a requirement. Length: 750 words for each article, i.e., 1500 words total (excluding the Appendix) Mark: 30% or 50% (EDUC 7120 students only) Due: November 2, 11:55 pm Articles for Assignment 1 (select 1 quantitative and 1 qualitative).

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