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15 Oct

Artificial intelligence


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This project reinforces the idea that knowledge, reasoning, and planning are useful procedures in AI and may be specialized for different kinds of use cases. These areas are especially of interest in the development of intelligent agents, game theory and autonomous robots.This assignment also gives students a taste of the complexity of human behavior and encourages them to study real life examples and engage in self-reflection, both common practices by researchers developing new AI techniques.
Select a problem using knowledge, reasoning, and/or planning that may arise in the real world. Examples include expert system, automatic theorem proving, knowledge and reasoning applications, etc).Alternatively, you may select a development in AI where these are utilized.______ out of 10 pointsDescribe the knowledge, reasoning, and/or planning problem used (based on methods discussed in class, including logical agents, first-order logic, classical planning, scheduling, knowledge representation, etc)______ out of 10 pointsDesign and describe the algorithm and approach of your implementation. You may create visual representations and include a description.You may also implement your own code or pseudocode if you feel that may help demonstrate your understanding______ out of 20 pointsPlease include references for your sources.Explain why you selected your chosen method(s). ______ out of 20 pointsExplain how your chosen method would help solve your chosen problem.Think about the how the problem/application is formulated, model representations used, logics, languages for representing problems, algorithms, etc.Your project could also comprise of integration of various AI approaches (probabilistic logic, planning, reasoning, etc).Describe the strengths and limitations.______ out of 10 pointsDescribe what may have been some alternative methods.______ out of 10 pointsDescribe what methods may not have been appropriate ______ out of 10 pointsDescribe what you learned from this assignment, what could be improved, and what could be some future extensions of your work ______ out of 10 points
Artificial intelligence

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