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23 Dec

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Contents How to Use Forms Index Guide to Forms Coach and Client Forms and Worksheets
Professional Nutrition Coach FORMS AND WORKSHEETS
Artwork displayed in this document is the property of the International Sports Sciences Association and cannot be reproduced in any form.
Educ ation Division
Nutrition: The Complete Guide Forms and Worksheets (Edition 2) Forms and Handouts for: International Sports Sciences Association’s Professional Nutrition Coach program
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How to Use These Forms | 3
International Sports Sciences Association
Outcome-based decision making.
It’s at the heart of everything you do as a coach.
1. You gather data.
2. You analyze it.
3. You decide what to do next, based on the evidence.
As the saying goes:
“If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.”
Indeed, the best coaches are always gathering, analyzing, and using data to make informed, outcome-based decisions.
However, sometimes all that data can feel overwhelming.
Each client comes to you with:
• different life experiences and a different personality;
• different wants and needs;

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