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8 Apr

assess the success and impact of McDonald’s


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The purpose of this assignment is to comparatively assess the success and impact of McDonald’s both in the United States and globally with another American global fast food corporation.
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is suggested, but you may use other examples such as Starbucks or Subway. The fast food restaurant must be one that is not just domestically but internationally successful and prominent.
You may also use Coca-Cola, although it will be harder to do a direct comparison with McDonald’s since Coca-Cola is a beverage company and not a fast food restaurant.
Evaluate the reasons for McDonald’s domestic and global success, the various strategies it has used, the ways it has dealt with problems and criticisms, and the corporation’s impact on local societies(such as their food cultures and health)both at home and abroad.
Then do internet research on KFC or another global American fast food chain restaurant and try to find information on similar issues. Since other American fast food corporations have not been studied (or reported on) as much as McDonald’s, it will be more difficult to find information about them, especially in terms of their international/global operations, but do your best with the limited information you can find. Examine the corporation’s official webpage, Wikipedia articles, news reports, YouTube and other videos, and other websites.

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