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3 Feb

Assessment -1 Strategic Briefing Paper (Individual) AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

In this assessment, you will need to create a one-year strategic plan for you ‘HOTS’ hotel. Within this, you must not include the following : Conduct a critical analysis of the micro and micro environment that the hotel was in when your team took over management. Argue how your intended overarching strategy will translate in to strategic direction for the three levels of management . Within this , you must also demonstrate how this will inform your strategic direction (mission and vision, CSR, Ethics, and objectives and Goals).And lastly ,provide practical examples in the different HOTS decision categories as to how your overarching strategies will be applied within the first year.
You must utilize at least three theoretical models to either critically analysis the hotel environment or to produce strategic recommendations for the hotel.Please support each of your recommendations with justifications.
Prepare a 1500- word brief based on the environmental assessment and your recommended strategies for the first year. You must demonstrate strong critical arguments , justified through at least three key strategic management theories, as mentioned above. Discuss and critically evaluate the practicality of your over-arching strategy (vision ,mission, etc). These must be cohesive with your environmental analysis. Make practical recommendation n relation to all the decision catagories fro the HOTS simulation (e.g. Rates,Rev. MGT. f&B, etc.)
The brief must be presented in a business report structure and to a standard that would be used in a real-world be used in a real world environment. You are assume this briefing paper applies to your HOTS hotel.

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