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3 Feb

Assessment 3: Project – Business… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Marking Criteria: A detailed marking rubric is available on the ACCY305 Moodle site. Marks will be awarded for:
Part A:
1-Evidence of the thorough research effort
2-Evidence of understanding and critical reflection of the case.
3-Presentation (essay/report-in accordance with academic convention;non-essay originally and creativity),
4-Effective of messages.
Part B:
1- Critical reflection on the nature of the assessment task and your learning experience.
Part A: Your submission may be in any form you think suitable to illustrate your views. You may choose a creative options ,or a traditional essay or report.
Creative Option: If it is written ,it should be no more than 10 pages.If not written ,size will depend on the nature of submission.Please avoid overly large submissions as they can pose logistical problems. If necessary (see detailed information), You must include a 2-3 page summary.
Essay/report: no more than 10 pages, excluding abstract (executive summary) and reference list. The abstract should be approximately 10% of the length of your essay/report.
Part B: This will vary with individual responses,but at least two pages.
Style and Format:
Part A: Creative option: This will depend on the nature of your submission.
essay/Report: Written typed ,double spaced , single sided pages, 12 point font , 3cm margins.
Part B: Reflection on the assessment task. Typed , double spaced, single sided pages, 12 point font , 3cm margins. You may use the template that is available on the ACCY305 Moodle site to complete this component of the task , or your reflection may be in free form.
Assessment Submission:this assessment is due to be handed to your tutor in your tutorial class. staff may provide assistance before the Friday of week 8, but cannot consult on this task after that date. All late penalties (2 marks per working day) will be calculated from the date of your enrolled tutorial class.
A Faculty of business assignment cover sheet Must be attached to the front of your work. You should sign the cover sheet where applicable and retain the receipted section as proof of submission. It is YOUR responsibility to collect a signed receipt at the time of submission, Assessment will not be marked in the absence of a signed cover sheet.
Assessment Return : Assessment submission will be returned in your enrolled tutorial class in week 13 of session.
Detailed Information: This task is inspired by the article Chabrak, N. and Craig T, (2013), “Student imagining ,cognitive dissonance and critical thinking”.Critical Perspectives on Accounting , Vol 24, pp 91-104. In this case study , students were asked to provide their responses to the collapse of Enron. You are advised to read this article to gain ideas for your own work (in particular see section 4 of the paper)
Your focus in this task will be on one of the entities that appeared before the recent Financial Services Royal Commission (2018)
The Royal Commission (2018):
Essentially, a number of entities were asked to provide information to, and appear before, the Royal Commission, detaining instances of misconduct or conduct failing below community standards and expectations that occurred in the past 10 years.It became apparent during the course of the Royal Commission that many of these entities had focused on meeting the financial needs of shareholders and directors at the expense of other stockholders,particularly customers, and often in conflict with community standards on good corporate behavior.
In the executive summary to the interim report ,Commissioner Hayne asks “Why did it (Poor conduct) happen? Too often,the answer seems to be greed-the pursuit of short term profit at the expense of basic standards of honesty.” In many cases, the focus of these entities was in the sale and profitability of the product and services,and not on meeting the genuine needs of their customers.
The interim report of Commissioner Hayne was submitted to the Governor General of Australia,Sir Peter Cosgrove , on 28 September 2018, with the final report due on 1 February 2019.
Required: You are required to choose an entity that was examined during the Royal Commission- this may be the one yo chose in ACCY201 or a different one.You are required to read and analyse material relevant to the entity selected – including any submissions to the Rolyal Commission, background papers, commentary in interim and final reports, as well as any other related material in the press or in academic articles.
The assignment aims to elicit your personal understanding of ,and response to, the facts of the case but more importantly , your understanding and evaluating of the ethical dimension of the case. It is really up to you to design your own question based on what interests you and with in the context of ACCY305. You then need to reflect on what you have learned , and present your understanding of , and response to , the case in any form that you chose.

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