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24 Aug

Assessment description | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assessment descriptionYou are required to form a group of two and then you must plan, monitor and review a case study relating to performance management of a team.Each team member will undertake a number of activities to manage the performance of one of the two employees. This will include management activities, such as developing work allocations, identifying KPIs, participating in several role-plays, undertaking performance reviews, and proposing a development plan for remedying poor performance by the Employee under your supervision. Finally, you will need to provide feedback to your assessment partner on performance during a role-play.Procedure1. Review the Case Study – Housefriends Homewares (Appendix 1)2. Complete the Operational Plan (Appendix 2). As the Store Manager you are to report your operational plan to head office to have the following completed by the extended trading deadline.3. Read the profiles in this assessment. In pairs, adopt the role of Managerfor that Employee (Cheryl or William).4. Individually develop goals, KPIs and tasks for the Employee you have selected. Document these in the Employee’s Performance Management Plan (Appendix 3).5. Prepare role-play notes to plan the topics you will discuss and outcomes you hope to achieve, these will assist you to keep the role-play meeting on track. Submit these with your documentation.6. Conduct two one-on-one coaching role-plays (one with you as the Manager, one as your partner’s Employee). The Assessor will observe this role-play and examine the documentation (the completed Appendices plus notes) that you will submit for assessment on completion.7. Complete file notes from the one-on-one coaching session to be placed in the Employee’s file.8. Following the role-play, the Employee participant is to complete the Coaching Session 1 – Observer’s Evaluation Sheet (Appendix 5).9. Following the role-play as the Manager, complete the Coaching Session 1 – Coach’s Self-Reflection Sheet (Appendix 6)10. Conduct a second meeting with your partner and deliver feedback (participant Employee/Observer deliver feedback verbally to the Manager participant regarding the coaching session) based upon the notes taken in Observer’s Evaluation Sheet. The Assessor will observe this session.


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