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31 Jul

Assessment Guidelines (BSBMGT617)


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Assessment task 1
Part (A)
Submit a complete report, analysing the business plan of WorkChairs (Appendix 1).
Words Limit 1500
Please follow the report format as mentioned below.
Executive Summary regarding your report
Introduction (WorkChairs)
Analysis (this is your part of analysis
Action plan
Business goals
Competitor analysis
Financing arrangements or financial targets
Management arrangements and/or personnel requirements
Marketing approaches
Product / services research and analysis
Compare strengths and weaknesses of the business plan.
Part (B)
Submit a completed business plan (No words limit)
Review and analyse the information in the case study ‘Fast Track Couriers’ (see Appendix 2) and complete the following tasks:
Cover sheet
Executive summary
Table of Contents
Description of business
Business product / services
Marketing activity
Business operation
Management and Organizational structure
Personnel plan
Financial Plan – Forecasting
Physical Resources Plan
Risks (Risk Analysis)
Licensing and Permit requirements
Consult with key stakeholder (assessor) and document the outcomes of the consultation
Analyse and interpret business vision, mission, values and objectives embedded in the case study.
Consult with your assessor (assume your assessor as a key stakeholder) about the information essential for writing a business plan. Describe which consultation process you opted for this activity. Attach the outcome of the activity as evidence for consultation.
Review the marketing activity of the business. Discuss about the following in this section.
Market requirements for the product /service
Customer needs
Pricing options.
d) Consult with your assessor (the key stakeholder) about developing performance objectives and measures to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the business plan you will develop in the later steps. Use “Three Steps to monitoring and evaluating performance” for this task. Develop at least 2 financial and 2 non-financial performance objectives for this task.
Assessment task (2)
Submit a presentation on The Business plan you created in Assessment 1.
Please make presentation slides on the topics listed below.
The process you used to develop the business plan
Who are the key stakeholders?
What information will each person (position) require?
What are the relevant timeframes?
How will you communicate this information?
How will you ensure their understanding of their role in implementing the business plan?
A written report of 750 words on selection and implementation of performance management system to measure you selected financial and non-financial performance objectives.
Executive Summary
Selection of performance management system you will implement to measure both financial and non-financial performance objectives. You have developed in your assessment task 1.
To test financial performance objectives, use financial plan you developed in assessment 1.
You can select from the following performance management system:
a. Review of variance
b. Balanced scorecard
Other requirements of the report which helps you to understand the ingredients of the evidence.
One report for selecting and implementing performance management system
Variance report for financial performance objective and Balance scorecard for non-financial performance objectives
One report for testing performance management system
Your report should cover all 4 points asked in Question 3.
report should be pitched at the appropriate level for the recipient
should be presented in a readable and logical format
should include graphs, charts or other methods of presenting data
3) Write a report of 1250 words on testing performance management system and refine, if necessary considering the following points:
Executive Summary
i) Acceptable levels of variance to planned objectives (where applicable).
ii) The timeframe for each report – how frequently reports will be completed.
iii) What benchmarking will be used.
iv) Who the key stakeholder will be for each report.
Other requirements of the report listed below.
i) Acceptable levels of variance to planned objectives (where applicable).
ii) The timeframe for each report – how frequently reports will be completed.
iii) What benchmarking will be used.
iv) Who the key stakeholder will be for each report.
Assessment Task 3)
Please review the case study ‘B&A Toy Warehouse’.
Please answer a written response that addresses all questions in the assessment tool see page 16 and 17 for potential help.
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