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23 Feb

Assignment 1C – Respiratory Physiology


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Assignment 1C – Respiratory PhysiologyA spirometer can be used to measure lung function. One form of spirometry (i.e. avitalograph) can measure several parameters including ‘force vital capacity (FVC)’ and‘forced expiratory volume in 1 sec (FEV1)’. The FEV1/FVC can reveal further detailsof the lung function. Please answer BOTH questions A and B below:A) Describe how the FEV1/FVC is used to determine a patient’s lung function andbriefly explain what further information about the patient is required when suchmeasurements are made.(20%)B) Select any two of the disorders below. For each disorder describe what a typicalspirometry trace from a patient with this condition would look like and relate this tothe pathophysiology of their condition:
EmphysemaAsthma (mild or chronic)Asbestosis exposureCystic fibrosis
(80%)Word count: 500 words ±10%Figures and DiagramsIt is advised to include diagrams and figures. Please ensure that they are in the correctformat, including a figure number, a legend and/or a title to explain what the figureshows- they must also be correctly cited in the bibliography. You mustrefer to anyfigures and diagrams in the text of the essay.Citing sourcesWe advise you to begin by conducting a literature search to identify suitable sourcesof information, this will help to build your understanding of the topic. You must includeall of the material that you have used in the main reference list and also in the mainbody of the text as properly cited references (see your notes from workshop 1). Thereis no maximum number of references that you should use however we would expectyou to use at least 5 sources of information for this essay. All of your sources shouldbe cited in the main body of the text and also in a correctly presented reference list atthe end of the essay. You must adhere to the Harvard referencing style.Be wary of using material gleaned from the Internet as core material in your essay.Often this material is not peer reviewed. It might be appropriate to use some of thismaterial to gain an overview of a particular subject area; however the material thatyou include in your essay should come from reliable sources such as textbooksor journal articles and should be properly cited in the main reference list.Turnitin checker and plagiarismAll essays will be submitted via turnitin and checked for plagiarism (please see themodule handbook for details on what constitutes plagiarism) therefore we recommendthat you put your work through the turnitin checker before submission. The turnitinchecker allows you to see the plagiarism scores for your essay but it doesn’t save thetext so it will not flag as plagiarism when you submit the assignment. A link to theturnitin checker can be on the blackboard page entitled ‘Electronic AssessmentGuidance’.

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