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12 Mar

Assignment Directions. AssignmentTutorOnlineApplied Multivariate Data Analysis Techniques AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Important things to know about this assignment:
-This is SPSS Assignment
– The idea of this assignment is to use a secondary dataset to apply some of the SPSS topics.
 – SPSS topics must we covered in the class during the semester
– I will provide you the syllabus to be aware about the topics we covered in the class
–  This paper, For this assignment, first, you will submit a one-page overview, i.e., concept note of your final paper, later you will submit the first draft of final paper and finally, you will submit the final paper. A detailed description of the final paper assignment will be distributed in the class.
– A one-page overview, i.e., concept note of your final paper is a document where you briefly define your research problem, purpose and objectives of your study, and brief methodology (including data analysis).
-By using concept note, professor want to know about the broader ideas and a glimpse of methodology for your final paper.
-The secondary dataset  You need to do some background work to find specific data
-This data about disability the data must be publicly available.
-public data on disability
-I will provide you an example for the work that I want from you .
– In this example the writer used The dataset exactly from the same website you must get data from as well
– In this example the writer get The dataset about disability as well
-In this example the writer used dataset publicly available
One-way analysis of variance – ANOVA
Analysis_ _of_ _covariance_ _– ANCOVA
Factorial ANOVA
Repeated measures ANOVA
MANOVA and MANCOVA continued
which SPSS analysis are to be included in the report? nothing specific you have the freedom to select any of the topics that above and in the syllabus the most important thing we do not include any SPSS analysis that we did not cover in the class please see the syllabus attached 
-The paper should have about 2,000 words. Because equations, tables and figures do not count towards the word limit
– The literature review of the paper should be brief but provide an argument for the importance of the research questions.
– Statements of other researchers should be paraphrased rather than quoted exactly (Quotations should only be used in exceptional occasions where the exact words of the author are important rather than the ideas

 _The details highlighted in red font are expected in first draft of final paper and your final paper should include everything including your first draft and instructor feedback on first draft.
– First draft of final paper is due on 28st March
– Final paper due on 28 th April 
                                                                Final Paper
 -Design, conduct, and report a multivariate analysis using one of the methods discussed in class .The paper has to be an original analysis of a dataset and cannot be a replication of an analysis previously performed for a thesis/dissertation, published or presented at a conference
Introduction and theoretical framework – 20%
• _Is the_ _field_ _of_ _research_ _identified_?_ _
• _I_s_ _the_ _current relevance_ of_ _the_ _field_ _mentioned_?_ _
• _I_s_ _the_ _research _problem_ _clearly_ _stated_?_ _
• _Is there an argument for the theoretical relevance of the research problem?
• _Are the objectives clearly stated?
• _Is the existing research about the research problem presented?
• _Is there an adequate flow of arguments connecting the existing research about the problem to the objective of the current research, demonstrating the need of the current research?
• _Is there an argument that this research has not yet been done, and if it has partially been done why is the replication and extension of the previous research important?
2. Research questions and hypotheses – (10%)
• _Are the research questions or purpose and objectives clearly stated?
• _Do the research questions explicitly mention the dependent and independent variables?
• _Are_ _the_ _hypotheses_ _clearly_ _stated_?_ _
• _Do the research hypotheses explicitly mention the dependent and independent variables?
–participants/Data sources (5%)
-Is the population of interest defined?
-Is method used to obtain the sample clearly stated?
-Are key characteristics of the sample presented?
-If secondary data is being used, is there a description of its source, and a justification of the adequacy of the data source for this project?  
Instruments/Measurements/Materials (7%)
-Are operationalizations of all dependent and independent variables presented?
– Are all instruments/materials used to collect data adequately described? ➢ 
If scales are used, is there a description of the scale and the existing evidence of validity about the scale?
-If scales are used, is there evidence that the scale was developed for the same intended use as this research project?
-If surveys are used, is the process for survey development presented in detail?
-If observations are used, is there a description of the observation protocol and evidence of validity to support its use?
-If an observation protocol will be developed, is there a description of the development process?
       -Is the process that will be used to administer the data collection instruments described?
            Analysis – (23%)
Are missing data appropriately handled
Are the models used to analyze the data clearly described?
Is the choice of models adequately justified?

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            Are the assumptions of the models presented?
            Is a procedure to evaluate appropriateness of the model presented?
           Results – (10%)
Are the results clearly presented in tables and or graphs?
            Are the results described with appropriate level of detail?
          Discussion and conclusion – 10%
Is a general conclusion based on the results of the study presented?
Are the implications of the results of the study for applied researchers presented?
Are the limitations of the study presented?
Is there an argument that the study is providing a contribution despite its limitations?
Are directions for future research provided?
Appendix – SPSS data file, syntax and output (5%)
Overall guidelines – (10%)
Is the paper well organized?
Are tables and graphs adequately constructed?
Are the citations in APA format?
Are the references in APA format?
Used proper writing free of errors?

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