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17 Oct

Assignment: Experimental Design


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Assignment: Experimental DesignRead the Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment: A Summary Report. Include a reference page in APA format.1. State the five hypotheses examined in the study (p. 2 of report).2. Identify the independent and dependent variable(s) for each hypothesis. (Hint: The independent variable is the same for all the hypotheses.)3. State how these variables are operationalized, i.e., how were the dependent variables measured? What was the conceptual definition of the independent variable and how was it operationalized?4. Define and discuss the validity (i.e., face, criterion-related) of the dependent measures.5. Describe the setting for the experiment including the demographics of the population, the study area, and the police officers.6. Outline the procedures used by the researchers to conduct the study, i.e., how were the beats divided up? What steps were taken to collect the data for each measure?7. State the research design used (it differs for each of the dependent variable measures).8. What are the major findings (briefly – a few sentences)?9. Define and discuss the validity of the study (internal, external, construct, statistical conclusion).10. Discuss any ethical concerns in the study.
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