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25 Aug

attached my project | Good Grade Guarantee!

Message : please check if you can do the following. accept only if u can handle with very good quality.
dear,attached my project (lean management)
and below some points of my company challenge
We learnt lean from Japanese but still can’t see it implemented as fit for pdo environment because our processes not manufacturer.
Very difficult to convince staff to move to lean cz no clear future or carrier ladder as other technical roles.
Lean implementation challenges: since no clear path development program which shared to middle management hence, no buy in from middle management and recognize the long term value, its looked as additional work.
The buzz on lean is only from function nothing from asset as I see due less importance given to it.
The process of Lean it self takink long and its really needs a lot of time, efforts from individuals to do one lean project.
Other lean processes like PPS, Kaizen not well recognized by the team/asset. Also, lean coaches availability is must and we don’t have enough resources lean coaches and most of them new to the lean process hence no focus, development in lean very slow as progress.
Lean courses and coaching sessions not visible and recognize by the teams/asset and it’s focused in some level of the team.
Implementation is not robust, lots of changes which confuse staff at a time which doesn’t give time for pdca on implemented ones.
Development program for coaches not clear as most of them leave back to assets which allow endless spending for external coaches.
No clear standards developed same as sp or pr or guidelines which can be future reference.
Selection of coach was earlier solid sg3 but due to people not ready to me as no future plan then decided to take even sg5.. but the reality and best way is to build graduates to become future lean practitioners to coach to CFDH.
Thanks & Regards


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