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23 Aug

Background Reading list – NO PLAGIARISM

With regard to network security and asset management of a given network, concerns of availability, security, and integrity that are relevant to data security apply as well to network security.
August 23, 2019

In Week 1, you discussed the system acquisition strategy. In Week 2, you discussed the system architecture.
August 23, 2019

Your boss has a meeting with some members of the public about (select a topic from below) and you need to make him/her look smart and knowledgeable about the issue at hand. Give me a one page reading list (with links) with short intro to put the readings in context. This can include media reports, government documents, court documents, and scholarly articles, preferably a mix. APA citation formats apply.
One page single spaced with one line between each citation. Identify the “must reads” with some form of highlighting or ranking.
The more readings, the better.
Veterans Administration
Student Loans and Financial Aid
Affordable Care Act
Agency personnel policies
Local education
Ethics in government
Funding infrastructure
Environmental policies
Parks and Recreation
Law enforcement
Fire services management
Emergency management
Military community relations
You can provide some limit and justification for your selection by framing these topics with more specifics and with an “members of the public” audience of your s

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