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13 Mar

BSBCUS501 – Manage Customer Service | Good Grade Guarantee!

Unit ID and Name: (e.g. BSBCUS501 – Manage Customer Service)Assessment Task No.: (e.g. Task 2)Executive Summary: – (this starts in a new page)
An executive summary is quite different from an introduction and should be written after you have completed your report.
It is a summary of the report in which you include sentence/s for every main section of your report. For example, you can include: overview of subject matter methods of analysis the context of the research the purpose of the report the major findings (you may need several sentences here) the conclusions the main recommendations.
Table of Contents: – (this starts in a new page)Creating a “Table of Contents”: (delete these instructions after you have generated the “Table of Contents” on this page)An up-to-date word processing packages can generate a “Table of Contents” for you.Make sure the correct page numbers are shown opposite the contents.
Your table of contents should contain:• a heading that says “Contents” or “Table of contents”• the same topics that you have used as sub headings through the report.• list of numbered sections in the report and the page numbers where all this information can be found (ensure they are correct).
MS Word Instructions on how to create a “Table of Contents”:• Make Page numbers by going to Insert and Page numbers• Go to References on the top tabs• Select Table of Contents• Select Insert Table of Contents• Edit the Table of contents so it contains the same information as your report
An example of what a “Table of Contents” looks is below in section: AN EXAMPLE OF A REPORTIntroduction: – (this starts in a new page)Your introduction should give enough background information to provide a context for the report.It should: outline the purpose of the report clarify key terms and indicate the scope of the report (i.e. what the report will cover). outline terms of reference and the report’s structureBody:
This is the main area of your assessment tasks. Here you include the Assessment Task number, then Part A or B etc. (as required) or the question you are answering.The content of the report body would usually include the following: Information organised under appropriate topics/headings with sub-headings which reflect the contents of each section. Analysis/discussion of the sources you are reporting. Literature review – describes literature relevant to your topic Method – summarises what you did and why using past tense, includes information on method of data collection (if applicable), Findings or results – describes what you discovered, and observed in your observations and experiments and is written in the past tense. Discussion on the findings of your report and discussion of findings in light of theory Discussion – discusses and explains your findings and relates them to previous research.
Conclusion:Your conclusion sums up the main points of the report and should not include new information. It states the major inferences that can be drawn from the discussion
Recommendations:Make recommendations – these are suggestions for future action. They must be logically derived from the body of your report.
References: – (this starts in a new page)A list of references must be included. It is a list of reference material consulted during research for your report.
Appendix: – (this starts in a new page)An appendix contains material which is too detailed, technical, or complex to include in the body of the report (for example, long tables, surveys etc.), but which is referred to in the report. Appendices are put at the very end of the report. Each appendix should contain different material and should be numbered clearly.It is also information that supports your analysis but is not essential to its explanation
Presentation of the report:The following can be used as a general guideline for the formatting of your report. Be sure to check your course documents and ask your lecturer for further information.In general, your report should: use Heading and sub-headings Use APA referencing Use ‘’Google Scholar’’ in conjunction with Google search for peer reviewed articles Allow spacing between the elements of your report Use dot points/numbers/letters to articulate these elements Use clearly labelled and referenced tables and figures to support your report. For example, Figure 1 shows that the population of Bandung has increased dramatically since 1890, or The population of Bandung has increased dramatically since 1890 (see Figure 1) Number each page noting that the Letter of Transmittal and Title page do not have page numbers Use Roman numerals for: Table of contents, List of abbreviations and/or glossary, and the Executive summary/abstract Use consistent and appropriate formatting Use formal language and avoid overly descriptive words.

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