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11 Mar

Budget Analysis and Cost Estimating | Good Grade Guarantee!

U2A1: 5333
Budget Analysis and Cost Estimating
By: Lakisha Phoenix
Table of Content
Former Goal
New Goal
Work Breakdown and Structure
a. WBS
4. Schedule
5. Earn Value Management
a. Former EVM
b. New EVM
6. Budget
a. Former Budget
b. New Budget
7. Cost Estimation
8. Conclusion
9. Citations
Nearlyfree.com has approved a proposal that Revive LLC will conduct a New Employee Orientation 2.0 in replacement for replacement of the prior unsuccessful in-house project. Revive LLC will present the New Employee Orientation 2.0 with 30 days, including an analysis of the old budget cost and time and provide a new budget, cost estimation and schedule. The project will run from 1/26/2020 to 2/28/2020 for completion of planning execution and implementation.
Former Goal:
To create a new employee orientation module to assist new hires. This is a collaboration between IT and Human resources to develop this application. The Purpose is to educate the new hires, using the company’s intranet, while decreasing the labor time and cost of the Human Resource’s budget. The new employees would be educated on company policies, take a quiz and sign off on the new process which includes successfully completing the testing and obtain acceptance by the HR department.
New Goal:
Nearlyfree.com has hired, a reputable project management consultant, Revive LLC to revamp the New Employee Orientation Module project. The purpose is to successfully complete the New Employee Orientation Module with a new time, cost and budget. The IT and HR departments will assist with the project as their input is needed.
Schedule Evaluation:
The previous Nearlyfree.com project’s timeline was 10 weeks and the new Revive project’s timeline is 30-days. Per Revive LLC analysis the prior project had too much time allotted and not enough emphasis on the training module. Revive will employ expertly skilled vendors to work in congruent time as opposed to sequence phases. This will allow for the compact timeline to revitalize the project as a success.
Earn Value
Project management team with HR and IT to create a New Employee Orientation module in
Develop project
Review Charter
Charter signature
1.2. Planning
1.2.1 Develop project
1.2.2 Review Project Plan
1.2.3 Project Plan Approval
1.2.4 Kickoff meeting
1.3 Execution
1.3.1 Interface requirements
1.3.2 Software requirements
1.4.1 Controlling
1.5.1 Project Close
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