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14 Mar

Bullying Behaviours Experienced by Adolescents AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

A number of researches have shed light on the problems faced by the adolescents in schools due to bullying. Gruber and Fineran (2016) in their work have emphasised upon situations when students from senior sections behave aggressively with the junior section candidates or freshers. Tambawal and Umar(2017) contends that bullies and victims have been reported to be at the increased level of health risk as well as psychological problem. The topic which I would examine in my action research study is different bullying behaviours experienced by adolescents of schools in Ontario. This research project would address the problems that these candidates face due to bullying and the outcomes of such bullying behaviours. An outline of the proper research rationale will be presented in this paper along with the clear representation of the research question as well as sub-questions. Finally, a brief summary of the paper would be provided in the concluding section.
The aim of my resaerch is to find out why the adolescents of schools in Ontario are being bullied and the types of bullying behaviours which they face. Priest, Kavanagh, Bécares, and King (2019) in their work have emphasized that students who are bullied undergo anxiety, depression as well as increased feeling of loneliness and sadness. Wolke and Lereya (2015) also addressed the issues of bullying and clarified that media reports often associate the bullying behaviours with suicide, which has become common among the adolescents, particularly sexual harassment and racial issues.
Secondly, this study would help the potential candidates to become aware of the different bullying behaviours and stay alarmed of how to deal with the situation (Tambawal & Umar, 2017). It would also create awareness among those who bully others that what state of physical and mental conditions the victims go through, when they are bullied (Tambawal & Umar, 2017).
Wolke and Lereya (2015) also states that adolescents who are bullied in schools are so stressed out that they degrade their performance level. In addition to this, there are changes found in sleeping and eating patterns which causes nausea (Wolke & Lereya, 2015). Physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying as well as cyber bullying have become commonly known behaviours that has created depression among the adolescent (Wolke & Lereya, 2015). Whether it is sexual abuse or physical injury, bullying has ascended as a major challenge for the adolescent at schools in Ontario.
Central question and Sub-questions
The central question is “What are the different bullying behaviours experienced by adolescents of schools in Ontario?” The sub-questions that stem from central questions are- “What reasons do students who are bullied give for their bullying? “; “What are the outcomes and results of such bullying behaviour?”; “What help students get from their teachers and parents to escape the effects of bullying?”
The paper has explored the bullying behaviours that are faced by adolescents at schools in Ontario. The research rationale was highlighted along with the primary research question well as sub-questions.

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