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15 Oct

Burroughs Wellcome Retrovir Case- Companys Public Relations Issues


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This is Burroughs Wellcome Retrovir Case assignment based on Companys Public Relations Issues. It also entails the company’s primary problem with the current environment.
Burroughs Wellcome Retrovir Case- Companys Public Relations Issues
In 1995 alone, the US pharmaceutical sector spent more than $15.2 billion on research and development. Since then, that number has grown by several billions with current expenditure standing at more than $80 billion. The top companies at the time remain dominant today with Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and their peers leading the way. The sector now generates $775 billion in revenue and continues to grow.
Case Problem
One can break it into two key parts. First is the lack of strategy which has made the firm unable to price its product effectively. Pricing is a critical element in marketing and the continuing problems will impact sales and thus have a negative impact on revenue. Secondly, the firm is not managing its public relations and branding effectively.
Major Issue
What is the company’s primary problem with the current environment and what should it do to regain control of the conversation and narrative?
The paper will seek to highlight the core issues which have  resulted in the branding and public relations issues facing the company. Some issues might be technical and related to copyright, but everything comes down to how the company went about creating and marketing this specific drug.
The paper will then seek to put forth proposals which are directly tied to the core issues identified. The recommendations should be practical and apt.
Burroughs Wellcome Retrovir Case- Companys Public Relations Issues
Case Issues
Criteria for Success in the Industry:
Generally, the better a drug works, then more successful it will be. This, of course, considers the fact that the drug will already have been deemed safe for use. People will take drugs that work because they generally value their health. Secondly, one must have a very capable public relations team.
4 Ps – Product, Price, Placement, Promotion:
The company had to begin, by necessity, with understanding the market. First of all, the people it wanted to sell the drugs to are likely not to create public demand. The disease, at the time and today, had a significant amount of stigma attached to it. Therefore, the target market would be composed of people who would not willingly seek a diagnosis and treatment.
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Burroughs Wellcome Retrovir Case- Companys Public Relations Issues

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