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29 Aug

BUS5AP Analytics in Practice | Good Grade Guarantee!

BUS5AP Analytics in PracticeSemester 2 2019Assignment 1Problem formulation of analytical tasksBackground and SituationImagine1 that you are the business analytics advisor to the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp:
• First woman to be directly elected as Lord Mayor• First woman to hold the post of Agent-General for Victoria inthe UK, Europe and Israel• She has also served as the CEO for the Committee forMelbourne and COO of the Victorian Chamber of Commerceand Industry• She began her career as a Solicitor, after completing Law (Hons)and Commerce degrees at the University of Melbourne• She has held senior roles at both KPMG and ANZ, and she tookthe small business she co-founded to the ASX• Most recently she was Victorian Executive Director of theProperty Council of Australia
Over the past few years, the City of Melbourne has gathered a significant amount of data and havemade it available to the public through an open data portal https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/.This morning, you received the following email:Dear Business Analytics Advisor,Melbourne is one of the greatest cities in the world, and I intend to do everything I can tokeep (and improve) our reputation.I had a constituent dinner last night – at the dinner, Stu Black (a Professor of Practice with LaTrobe Uni) was bending my ear about the potential of data to make significantimprovements to our city. He also complemented the Council on its open data portalinitiative.Our next election will be the 24th of October 2020. The conversation last night caused me toreflect upon what we might be able to do with the data available on the open data portalsuch that we are able to deliver some meaningful benefit to our community before the next1 N.B. This is clearly a hypothetical case, as Lord Mayor Capp has not engaged with this group in any fashion, nor do weassert that we will be able to engage with the Lord Mayor during this process. Please go ahead and “method act” forthe purpose of the learning opportunities of this assignmentelection. After all, whilst I am pro-data, I can not guarantee that I will win the next election– so I would like to make sure we deliver something within our term.You are the data girl/guy, and you are a resident of our city. Can you please look throughour data sets and provide me with a high-impact implementable recommendation supportedby data?My EA will schedule a meeting for us to discuss a fortnight from today. Can you please sendme a briefing note 24 hours before our meeting so that I can review and reflect in advance ofour meeting.Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the aboveSallyYour task is to prepare the briefing note and the underlying documentation. Please note, she is notasking you to do the work, but rather to propose a scope of work to be undertaken if she agrees. Asyou pull this together, please consider the following questions:1. What exactly is the Lord Mayor asking you to do? (I.e., what is the scope of the assignment.)Is she asking for insight, a plan, an implementation, or a combination of the above? What isthe deliverable(s)?2. What constraints are you working to? What are the stated constraints, and what are theimplied constraints?3. What assumptions do you need to make? Are these assumptions reasonable?4. After reviewing the available data, what idea do you want to pitch? Why should the LordMayor act upon your idea? What is the benefit and who receives the benefit? What are therisks?5. Express the problem above in an issue tree. Articulate the data and analysis required foreach relevant branch of the issue tree. Articulate the sub-deliverables as appropriate. Stateany assumptions that you may have.6. How do you make it easy for the Lord Mayor to say “yes”?Submission
Please prepare a brief (500 – 1000 word) briefing note pitching the ideaIn addition, please attach your issue tree as an appendix to the briefing notePlease use appropriate business English with appropriate checks on spelling and grammar
Please submit
a. in a single PDFb. using a file name that includes your name and assignment number (for example“StuBlack_BUS5AP_Assignment 1”)c. with your name, assignment name and page numbers on each pageMarking rubric (total of 35 marks, equivalent to 35% of the final mark)
Criteria Grade
D (50% to < 60%)
C (60% to <69%)
B (70%% to<79%)
A (80% andabove)
Briefing Note(20)
Weak proposal,addressing only aportion of therequirements
Moderate proposal,albeit missingsignificant portionsthat significantlyreduce the impact ofthe briefing note
Solid proposal,meeting all keyelements
Strong proposal,demonstrating acompellingproposition andaddressing key issues.Strong demonstrationof understanding ofhow data will be usedto address anopportunity ofsignificance and strongdemonstration of theanalytical techniquesrequiredStrong link betweenthe intendedoutcomes of theanalytics andactionable insights
Issue Tree(5)
Some evidence ofdeveloping an issuetree, but not sufficient
Substantive issue tree,but significant issuesexist
Good issue tree, someissues with MECE/tiesto analysis and data
Robust issue tree,MECE, well structured,good analysis and datalinks
Presentationand Format(10)
Significant gapsrelative toexpectations of abusiness professional
Good draft, butsignificant revisionrequired
Generally well written,albeit needing somerevision prior toproviding to a seniordecision maker
Well written, ready tosubmit to a seniordecision maker withonly limited edits


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