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19 Oct

Business Ethics:Sustainable fashion


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The purpose of this report is to benchmark some area of business ethics, for the company you might beworking for, your industry, or a particular area of business practices you are interested in. The audience for thispaper may be conceived in terms of your superior at work who assigns you the task of getting her and your unitup to speed on best ethical practices in your area.Topic:Sustainable fashion: vegan leather, sustainable fibers, recycling used clothing; fabric and shoes from plasticwaste. Possible Companies: Adidas, All birds, Patagonia, Levis etc.ContentOnce you decide on the business ethics issue you want to cover, you will locate four companies which havefaced this problem. Your task in the paper will be as follows:• to define your ethical issue;• to describe EITHERo what each of your four companies struggled with, with respect to the ethical issue, ALONG WITH what eachcompany did after either being discovered or admitting to having the ethical problemo OR the stretch goal they assumed and how they went about fulfilling their improvement goal AND how wellthey have done bringing that goal to reality;• to describe Best Ethical Practices for your issue, established by one or more of the following means:o Guidelines or rules established by a non-governmental organizationo Relevant laws and established professional codes of conduct, international standards, etc.o Expert opinions gleaned from journal articles or other sourceso A “Best Practices” model company, which deploys and utilizes the best practices you are espousing• to write a follow-up, where you 1) review and report on each company’s record on your ethical issue for thepast two years, and 2) give your judgment of how well each company handled its ethical issue, including whatthey could or should have done differently.You may certainly examine companies which are considered highly ethical and how they handle ethics withintheir organization, or best ethical practices they have implemented.In any case, you cannot use one of the four original companies as a Best Ethical Practices company. For thatyou need a fifth company.
Business Ethics:Sustainable fashion

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