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6 Apr

Business Evaluation


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ENT302_Assessment_2_Brief_Business Evaluation_Module Due 4.1 Page 1 of 4Task SummaryFor your selected trading business start-up (the same company as in Assessment 1), research anddevelop a 2000 word business evaluation thata) analyses its market and competitors statusb) evaluates its financial, marketing, and operational status.c) identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.ContextWhether we are entrepreneurs or not, we can all be creative and identify an opportunity. However,taking that opportunity to reality and hopefully to market requires a detailed business evaluationplan for all stakeholders to gauge feasibility of the potential venture.A typical business evaluation plan includes analysis of the market, the competitors, the valueproposition, review of product development, financing and marketing strategies, and overview ofthe business operations. This assessment requires you to critically assess the selected tradingbusiness start-up and complete a business evaluation plan. Your resulting business evaluation planwill provide the chosen business an opportunity to assess their business, and for future investors anopportunity to potentially invest in the business.Your assessment will need to include theory that you have learnt in the modules as well as academicresearch to support your business evaluation plan.
Subject Code and Title
ENT302 Entrepreneurship Capstone Project
Business Evaluation
2,000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successfulcompletion of the task below include:c) Evaluate the finance, marketing strategies and operations of thestart-up to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities andthreats.
Due by 11:55pm AEST Sunday end of Module 4.1 (week 7).
Total Marks
100 marks
ENT302_Assessment_2_Brief_Business Evaluation_Module Due 4.1 Page 2 of 4Task InstructionsYou are required to develop a Business Evaluation Plan for a trading business start-up of your choice(the same company that you chose in Assessment 1), which may or may not be trading at a profit,but does have sales, customers, and current financial operating information. You will need to ensureyour business evaluation demonstrates a critical analysis of your chosen business with the ultimategoal of attracting future investors to invest in the business.While writing your plan, think about what it is about your plan that makes an Investor read it andultimately, invest in the business. This means you will need to critically assess all parts of thebusiness and its competitors.Consider the following format for your plan:• Professional Report format• No more than 2,000 words +/-10%• Spell and grammar checked• Use of graphs, info graphics, pictures and tablesInclude1. Title page2. Executive Summary3. Introduction4. Business Overview5. Industry Background6. Analysis of the market gap and value proposition of the business7. Background to the Entrepreneur(s) leading the business8. Marketing and channel strategy9. Competitive analysis, strategy and positioning10. Financial viability of the organisation including investment stream11. Product Development12. Review of operations13. Conclusion14. References – minimum of 10 including those from peer reviewed journals15. Appendices (Not included in the word count.)ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see moreinformation on referencing here http://library.laureate.net.au/research_skills/referencingSubmission InstructionsSubmit a copy of your Business Evaluation in .docx or .pdf format via the Assessment link in the mainnavigation menu in ENT302: Entrepreneurship Capstone Project. The Learning Facilitator will providefeedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.ENT302_Assessment_2_Brief_Business Evaluation_Module Due 4.1 Page 3 of 4Assessment Rubric
Fail(Yet to achieveminimum standard)0-49%
High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%
Knowledge andunderstanding ofconcepts relevant totrading business startups, and ofappropriate tools andprocesses for analysingthe finance, marketingstrategies andoperations of thestart-upPercentage for thiscriterion = 20%
Demonstrates a partiallydevelopedunderstanding ofnecessary concepts.Does not use specialisedand technical languageappropriately.Key components of theassessment brief are notaddressed
Demonstrates a functionalknowledge of the relevanttools and concepts,including SWOT analysis.Uses specialised andtechnical language correctlyKey components of theassessment brief areaddressed.
Demonstrates proficientknowledge of all necessarytools and concepts,including SWOT analysis.Uses specialised andtechnical languageappropriatelyKey components of theassessment brief areaddressed.
Provides well-structuredexplanation of mostrelevant tools andconcepts, including SWOTanalysis.A wide variety ofspecialised and technicallanguage used correctlyand appropriately.All components of theassessment brief areaddressed.
Thorough, sophisticatedand concise explanationsof all the relevantconcepts. Appropriatetools selected (includingSWOT)Sophisticated use ofspecialised language andtechnical terms.All components of theassessment brief areaddressed.
Analysis andapplicationUse of relevantmarketing andcompetitorinformation to analysethe current marketposition of the selectedbusinessPercentage for thiscriterion = 35%
Limited analysis of themarketing andcompetitor environmentfor the trading businessstart-up.Limited or poor financialand operational analysis.
Understands the marketingand competitorenvironment for the tradingbusiness start-up, butanalysis lacks depth.Acceptable financial andoperational analysis.
Well-developed marketingand competitorenvironment for thetrading business start-up.Good financial andoperational analysis.Explained and applyrelevant information tosupport findings.
Thoroughly developedanalysis of the marketingand competitorenvironment for thetrading business start-up.Very good financial andoperational analysis.Thorough explanation andapplication of relevantinformation to supportfindings.
Highly sophisticatedanalysis of the marketingand competitorenvironment for thetrading business start-up.Expert financial andoperational analysis.Strong and credibleexplanation andapplication relevantinformation to supportfindings.
ENT302_Assessment_2_Brief_Business Evaluation_Module Due 4.1 Page 4 of 4
Evaluation of keyperformanceindicators for thechosen businessEvaluation of the keyfinancial andoperational drivers forthe selected businessPercentage for thiscriterion = 35%
Information evaluated isnot clear or supportedwith evidence.Used a limited range ofinformation to supportfindings.
Information evaluatedprovides some guidance tothe business with somesupporting evidence.Interpreted relevantinformation to supportfindings.
Conclusions are mostlyclear and supported withevidence.Line of reasoning is easy tofollow.
Well-developedexplanation andevaluation of the relevantperformance indicators.The conclusions arelogical, clear and wellsupported with evidence.
Systematically andcritically evaluates the keyperformance indicators.Comprehensive andcompelling conclusionsclearly supported withevidence.
Correct citation of keyresources andevidencePercentage for thiscriterion = 10%
Demonstratesinconsistent use of goodquality, credible andrelevant resources tosupport and developideas.Use of resources tosupport and developideas was inconsistent.Used some resources ofpoor quality, minimalrelevance of lacking incredibilityReferencing is omitted ordoes not resemble APA.
Used credible and relevantresources to support anddevelop ideas, but these arenot always explicit or welldeveloped.Referencing resembles APA,with frequent or repeatederrors.
Used credible resources tosupport and developideas.APA format used forreferencing, withoccasional errors.
Demonstrates use of goodquality, credible andrelevant resources tosupport and developarguments andstatements.Show evidence of widescope within theorganisation for sourcingevidence.APA 6th editionreferencing is free fromerrors.
Demonstrates use of highquality, credible andrelevant resources tosupport and developarguments and positionstatements.Show evidence of widescope within and withoutthe organisation forsourcing evidence.APA 6th editionreferencing is free fromerrors.

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