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20 Feb

Business Scenario Options


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Business Scenario Options are attached.(please use document)ll projects begin by answering one of two questions: How can I make business scenario ABC better or more efficient? What business scenario can I automate to benefit organization XYZ?For this assignment, select a business scenario you would like to develop into a project over the next five weeks. You have two options: You may select one of the two business scenarios described in Select a Business Scenario. You may select a business scenario of your choosing. This can be a scenario from your workplace; for example, a frustrating process you have been eager to rework or a potential process you have been thinking of that does not exist yet but that you think would be valuable to your organization if it were developed into an IT project.Note: If you decide to select a business scenario of your choosing, you must obtain approval from your instructor for your scenario before beginning the project proposal assignment, which is also due this week.Download Select a Business Scenario and read through the options.Type your selection (Scenario A, Scenario B, or Scenario C) directly into the Select a Business Scenario document (on the space provided next to each scenario). If you select Scenario C, you must include a scenario description as outlined in the document.Submit your assignment.
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