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30 Jul

CAPM and cost of equity


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CAPM and cost of equityTo complete this Collaboration:By Sunday (Day 4)For your Initial Response, in 750-1,000 words:Critically assess the use of asset pricing models in the capital budgeting process.In particular, your response should consider the criticism of the static nature of the CAPM theory.Base your answer on research, your readings and your own experiences. Please cite all references and turn in by Sunday (Day 4).Post your response to the Collaboration Forum and also to the Turnitin link provided.You will continue this Collaboration by completing the second part below.By Wednesday (Day 7)Participate by engaging in a discussion with your colleagues, replying to each other’s posts:Constructively critique their assessment of CAPM’s uses in capital budgeting.Identify additional uses for CAPM and offer them as suggestions.You should aim to participate with follow-on postings to your colleagues’ responses, making 3–5 significant follow-up postings. Aim to spread your total collaboration discussions across 3 separate days of each week.Please note that a Summative Collaboration Participation grade will be awarded in Week 5 covering Participation posts for Weeks 4 and 5 together.To access the Collaboration Forum, click on the “Weeks 4–5 Collaboration Forum” link.To submit your initial response to Turnitin, click on the “View/Complete” link for Week 04 Collaboration Initial Response — Turnitin.Suggested Answer

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