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15 Jan

Case Scenario Part VI Sudbury, MA State Police Crime Laboratory – NO PLAGIARISM

Case Scenario Part VI
Sudbury, MA State Police Crime Laboratory
July 20, 2017
The bedding taken from the house was taken to the biological unit of the laboratory.
1. A small reddish brown spot was found on the bedding. What are two presumptive tests that could be used to determine if the stain is indeed blood?
2. What two confirmatory tests might be used after a presumptive test is done?
3. You have confirmed that the sample from the crime scene is blood. In addition to the sample, you have samples from Jane Towney and 4 suspects. Results of antibody testing are shown below. A + symbol indicates that the sample agglutinated when tested with the antiserum listed at the top of the chart. Determine the blood type of each Jane, each suspect, and that found at the crime scene. Record the blood type in the table below.



Suspect 1

Suspect 2
Suspect 3

Suspect 4

Crime scene

Based on your results above answer the following questions:
4. If the crime scene blood is a mixture of blood, what blood group types could be the source of the stain?
5. What are the possible genotypes for Jane Towney?
6. What major components of blood are forensically significant?
7. What is their significance?
8. If Jane Towney needed a blood transfusion, what blood types could be used?
9. Jane Towney’s bite mark swab is also being tested. What test is done to determine if saliva is present?
10. Refer to https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/bca/bca-divisions/forensic-science/Pages/dna-serology.aspx to answer the following question. What is the currently accepted method for determination of the presence of semen?
11. Assume that Jim Jones’ blood was subjected to DNA analysis. Why is nDNA testing is preferred over mDNA testing?
Listen to the following TED talks.
Why do we call it Cybercrime
Everyday CyberCrime
All Your Devices can be Hacked
12. Write a short reflection (150-200 words) on one of the topics mentioned in the videos and answer the questions below.
13. What piece of information is sometimes given out with Internet dating photos?
14. What happens when you scan for a wireless network?
15. What suggestions are made for making life difficult for cybercriminals?

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