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22 Nov

Certificate IV in Fitness Overview AUSTRALIAN CO1 t F fl( OF – NO PLAGIARISM

Ethics, Professionalism and Governance
November 22, 2019

Certificate IV in Fitness OverviewAUSTRALIAN CO1 t F fl( OFSPORT FITNESSTASK #1 — 1250 words Case Study I Scenario Part ATask one has 3 (three) parts. You must complete all three parts. Consult the checklist before submittingyour case study in order to ensure you have completed all necessary information.Answer the following questions regarding the case study scenario belowAs a Personal Trainer, you have been approached by a group of 6 adolescents (3 males and 3 females)aged 17 years old that would like to participate in small group training.• They would like to train with you 4x per week, 2x indoor gym sessions and 2x outdoor sessions over a12 week period• They all currently playing mixed netball in an interschool’s competition• Currently they have good agility skills and flexibility, however, need to improve their repeated sprintability• Their current training schedules consist of physical education classes at school that they participate intwice per week consisting of a variety of sports and general aerobicfitness• Their specific goals are to improve their muscular endurance and anaerobic fitness so they can performbetter on the court• They are looking for a challenge that utilizes various types of personal training methodsthat they have11/22/2019 52305 – Certificate IV in Fitness Overview AUSTRALIAN CO1 t Fhttps://www.australiabesttutors.com/Recent_Question/52305/Certificate-IV-in-Fitness-Overview-AUSTRALIAN-CO1-t 3/10not been exposed to before• Keep in mind their study load is quite high as they are in year 11, so ensure you monitor their stresslevels throughout your time training with themThe group will have the following training schedule outside of school hours• Monday afternoon (outdoor training session)• Tuesday afternoon (indoor training session)• Wednesday (rest)• Thursday (outdoor training session)• Friday (indoor training session)• Saturday (off)• Sunday (off)As their personal trainer, you have access to the fully equipped school gym and you require 25/48the local city councils oval nearby.*Special considerations: One of the male clients, Aaron, rolled his ankle quite badly 6 weeks ago andrequires a clearance to participate in the training program. Other than that, he is a healthy individual1. Complete the following profile to assess the current status of the hypothetical group of adolescents fromthe scenario above using the template below which can be found in your student portal under -AthleteProfile-.INSERT/ SUBMIT: Provide your completed client profile for this client2. Outline at least one (1) potential psychological, physical and social barrier that you may face whentraining individuals within a group environment_3. DIscuss some different types of training techniques and equipment you could use to achieve the clientsgoals• Ensure you consider both the indoor and outdoor environments_4, Describe two (2) strategies you could use to promote group adherence and maintain a high level ofparticipation•Australian College of Sport & Fitness 201g Page 23 01 37 Chit in Friness Course Overview 1909AAUSTRAL!SPOCOLLEGE OF46-Certificate IV in Fitness Overview5, As the clients have requested to train outdoors twice per week, there are potential legal requirementsinvolved.5.1 Describe the process you would undergo to ensure you can legally utilise an outdoor public space.5,2 Explain the type of legislation and local government requirements are relevant for training in openspaces?5.3 In regards to the following areas of legislative concern, describe how you would successfully manageor cater for each area.a. Health and safety of the clientsb. Duty of care to the clientsc. Privacy of clients personal informationd. Prevent any discriminatione. Ensure you can legally work with adolescents6. As a precaution, identify the signs and symptoms of major types of injuries typical to children andyoung adolescentsa. Sprainsb. Shoulder instabilityc. Osteachondrosisd. Joint hypermobility7. Refer to the ACSF health club manual and state what the procedure or policy is in regard to the

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