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16 Jan

Ch 2 Interpersonal Communication & the Self Answer – NO PLAGIARISM

Based on Chapter 2 (Interpersonal Communication & the Self), Lectures: Emotions, Self-Concept/Self-Esteem, Self-Disclosure, Trust
Does your communication with your Partner make a positive or negative impact on your self-concept? Why? Give at least two examples of what your Partner did/said to make a positive (or negative) impact on your self-concept.Using Altman & Taylor’s Social Penetration Model, diagram your self-disclosure with your partner, shading in the sections/pieces of the pie to signify what/how deep you disclose. To simplify this, use the following 12 qualities:Religious viewsPolitical viewsActivitiesEducationFamilyYour upbringingSexual issuesPersonalityWeaknesses/FaultsHealth & medical historyJob experiences/career plansSkills possessed & desiredAre you satisfied with the depth and breadth of your relationship? Have there been any changes in your diagram in the last month? The last six months? Do you think there may be some changes in the next month or six months?
Using the Johari Window model, diagram your relationship with your Partner. What insights can you draw from this? (e.g., how did information move from your Hidden quadrant to your Open quadrant, or from your Blind to Open quadrant?) Now diagram one for a person you don’t know very well. What information is in your Open quadrant with your Partner but not in the Open quadrant with your acquaintance? What other differences are there?

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