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6 Feb

Change Management Plan AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

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Change Management Plan
Note: delete the prompts under each heading before submitting your plan
Provide background, link to strategic goals and other changes
Project Sponsor
This person leads the change project and is accountable for ensuring the project and change plan are implemented
Project Objectives
Detail what the project will achieve.
Change Objectives and Principles
Provide details of:
What the change process will achieve
Principles that underpin the change plan
Ethical issues that need to be considered and how will the change plan will address them.
Change Plan Elements
What are the main elements in the change plan? [e.g. people/culture, systems/technology, documentation, positions/roles, process, skills] Each of these elements may require a particular focus in the change plan.
Rationale for the Change
List the drivers and constraints for change.
What are the risks for the change process?
Key Stakeholder Analysis
Identify the key stakeholders and:
Analyse their response to the change [e.g. what will be their main concerns/fear, where is there likely to be support for the change];
Identify their needs in terms of change management and consider the style of communication required [language style & level]; and
Identify the preferred media for communicating or consulting with them about the change [e.g. sessions involving dialogue about the changes, newsletters, briefings from project team members, frequently asked questions].
Assessment of Readiness to Change
Comment on the status of the change so far [e.g. is there a high level strategy in place that stakeholders are already aware of and committed to that provides a framework for the change].
What elements might support the change [e.g. dissatisfaction with current processes; a workplace culture that supports change and innovation].
Is there strong senior support for the change?
Key Change Messages
Identify 6 key messages to convey about the change process, being upfront about gains and losses. Consider:
What will be gained/lost for the key stakeholder groups in the change process;
The messages from the stakeholder perspective;
What will be their main concerns; and
Presenting changes in a positive light even whilst acknowledging loss.
Identify Change Elements
Structures/Processes/Responsiblities/Resources/Timeframes/Performance Measures
Consider the need for particular change support structures [e.g. a change team, super users/specialists who are trained first and can support people in the workplace, involvement of users and key stakeholders at various stages, change champions in the workplace].
Consider if there is a need for transitional arrangements to support and whether the introduction of the change process needs to be staged.
What will be the impact on workloads and how will these be managed?
Develop Change Plan
Develop a change plan including performance measures [how will you know the change plan is effective?]. Ensure the plan is adequately resourced.
Resource requirements
Performance Measures
Reporting arrangements
Identify and explain the reporting arrangements for the project.
Ensure policies, procedures and performance measures reinforce the changes.
Remove organisational barriers to the change.
Reinforce how changes have provided benefits.
How will the change be evaluated in relation to the achievement of the planned objectives?
How will the change management processes be evaluated – consider summative as well as final evaluations, how can you assess your change management strategies as you implement them?
How will the evaluation outcomes be circulated and promoted to stakeholders?
How will evaluation outcomes be used in other organisational processes?

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