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5 Apr

Change Proposal (Marketing) for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition


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Long Business Report-  Updating Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Packaging to meet current market trends. Also updating our brand strategy to appeal as a lifestyle brand as opposed to only a sports nutrition brand (products/brand can be viewed at www.maxmuscle.com).  Meeting Expectations: The body section of your long business research report should accomplish three things: 1.     Compare the pros and cons of at least two approaches (or theories) in relation to the problem you present. 2.     Recommend the solution that makes the best business sense for your audience/recipient. 3.     Present convincing supporting evidence, graphics, and visuals from research and financial information, citing sources accurately. ·       Make sure you revise the work you did on your Proposal with Visuals assignment to meet all the expectations of the content, purpose, and format of long business reports as described in our text. ·       As usual, keep in mind that I am not your audience–I am here to help you reach the audience you choose and to assess whether your report effectively reaches that audience. ·       Address your report to an appropriate business audience (a director, CEO, supervisor, committee, team, potential investor, etc.). Required Format: ·       The basic components of a business research report are as follows, but these can vary. ·       I suggest studying these and deciding which to use and what alterations you might need to make, if any, to gear effectively toward your own audience and purpose. Basic components of a long business research report: ·       Transmittal letter ·       Title page ·       Abstract ·       Table of contents ·       List of illustrations–use of visuals is as important for this assignment as in the Proposal with Visuals assignment in week 12 ·       Text of report ·       References page (use APA or MLA format) ·       Appendix (if appropriate)
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Change Proposal (Marketing) for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition
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