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12 Mar

Civic Engagement /Community-based Writing | Good Grade Guarantee!

Project 3: Civic Engagement /Community-based Writing Instructor: Tom Lombardo , Spring 2019
The purose of this assignment—Civic Engagement/Community-based Writing—is to have you loam how to get involved iv a community in which you are a member and M write about your involvement—or potential involvement—in that community. Civic engagement means becoming involved somehow—gelling engaged in—a community in which you are a member. In our class, 1102 English Composition, the engagement begins with Community-based Writing.
What is “community,” Community maybe loosely defined as a group of people who live, work, play, study in close proximity to each other and/or have shared values or interests. A community could he your neighbors your fellow students, your town your city. A community may be people in your place of worship if you have one, or people who believe as you may in a particular social cause,you have many different communities in which you may be involved life, and some of overlap.. class, we will discuss the various communities M which you may Ix involved. We will discuss that you are passionate about We will discus concern you. Those opportunities or community-based writing Mr Project 3.
The main poi. of this assignment is for you to select a roman of community-based activity Mat is importer you and then we an essay about it.
Of course, if you are already Evolved iv a community-based activity, you may write about that you’ve done a, volunteer work—o,g, at your high school, which may have required a certain number of volunteer bouts—you may Berber about it.Some community-based writing focuses ov the people ham served. Some community-bawd writing focuses on Me people providing the service. If you’re vot already involved iv some sort of commonalty-based activity, that’s OK. Start by increasing your awareness of ONE SPECIFIC ISSUE. Mat is important to you. Be prepared to do some research—you mug learn something about Me issue Mat is import to you. There are many kinds of community-based activities, and we will discuss them in class. I am NOT REQUIREMENT assignment involve area work M Me field by Me student. What 1 am requiring is Mat you investigate a unity issue and write about what you’ve learned. Of course, if you are ALREADY involved in a community-based activity, then you may learned. Of course, if you are ALREADY .volved in a community-based activity, then you may write about that, but you’ll still need. do some research on Me topic to support what you write.
As always, this essay is about the WRITING. Ton may use digital resources—you don’t have M go out.. Me community. to do your research. You could educate yourself Mrough research. There’s plenty of material either on-line or in the The or in data bases available on mod unity issues. Please carefully read Clapter 9 of The Guide about Civic Engagement/Community-based Writing,hapter 9 ofla many sources for research. Pay special attention to Me section Major Issues and Ethical Concerns pp. 386-388. I have a great deal of concern about SAFETY—yours. This essay will not require you. become directly involved in a community activity, unless you are already involved. one. I do not want you to put yourself into any simation that makes you uncomfortable or makes you feel unsafe in any way.
Also nom the 3 examples of Community-based wring. The Guide, pp. 391405. Each of thou essays mmUred a minimal level of observation and research. Pay close anention .THAT KIND OF WRITING. Those esays are all focused on the Civil /tights history orAtlanta, and thou essays are all acceptable for= of community-bud Writing. But you don’t have. write atom Civil Sights.. important for you. understand that YOU PICK THE ISSUE YOU WANT TO WRITE ABOUT.
Ideas for Project 3 and drafts due. class for pe.cr group workshops. See Syllabus. Fluid Project 3—Is due (Wage. See Syllabus.Length: 3-S pages

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