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11 Mar

class that implements the days… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Write a program that contains a class that implements the days of the week. The program should be able to perform the following on an object of the class:
1. Set the day2. Print the day to the computer monitor (not the printer)3. Return the day
Create a new console application project and name it “Week1Lab_BirdN”.
Create a new class called DayOfTheWeek. The class should have a data member that can store the day of the week, such as Mon for Monday, Tues for Tuesday, and so on.
Create the necessary member functions that will perform the required operations outlined in the lab summary above.
Call these functions setDay(), printDay(), and getDay().Function setDay(string) takes a string parameter (for example, Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and stores the value in the day attribute.Function printDay() prints the value of the day attribute on console output.Function getDay() returns the value of the day attribute.
Write a main program that will instantiate two objects of the class DayOfTheWeek. Use these objects to test the various operations on this class.
Build your project (compile your program). Eliminate all syntax errors. Run the program. Verify results of program execution and correct any logic errors discovered.

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