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5 Feb

COIT20248 &ndash; Information Systems Analysis & Design (Term 3, 2019) – NO PLAGIARISM

COIT20248 – Information Systems Analysis & Design (Term 3, 2019)Case Study for Assignment 1 & 2The Case: Ryan AviationRyan aviation was started in July 2017 and its main aim was to fill the gap in the market for charteredhelicopter flights, service the mining sector and also assist the region in bush fire season.Ryan Aviation in the short history of two years has won– Numerous contracts from Queensland and New South Wales State government organisations forassisting during the bush fire season– Contracts with mining sector to fly in and fly out workers and equipment’sThe Australian bushfire season in Queensland and New South Wales generally starts in November andends in the following year’s March, which are the driest months in these regions. Large Bushfires canresult in a fire storms, which are often named after the day that the firestorm starts, such as “AshWednesday” and “Black Saturday”, both of which were major bushfires which resulted in extensiveproperty damage and loss of life.During such firestorms, Ryan Aviation will use its extensive network of helicopters to water bomb firesand also to drop fire retardant on bush and properties. Both these activities must be conducted incoordination with ground fire fighters so maximum benefit can be achieved out of these air drops. RyanAir aircrafts have an onboard GPS that tracks details such as– Where the water was sourced from – How much water was sourced – Where was it dropped and – How2/5/2020 53202 – COIT20248 – Information Systems Analysis & Designhttps://www.australiabesttutors.com/Recent_Question/53202/COIT20248–Information-Systems-Analysis-amp-Design 3/5much water was droppedIn addition, it must track how many flights took place on a particular day, who were the flight personnel,flight location, flight base, how many flying hours were recorded for each day. These data are then used toservice Aircrafts, as each aircraft must be serviced after it has completed particular number of flyinghours. These data are also used to calculate staff pay and any allowances that they may receive for beingaway from home base.During a bushfire season, each aircraft often flies for nearly 10 to 12 hours per day, and the staff operatingeach aircraft work long hours to ensure the maximum contribution; therefore, Ryan Aviation must trackthese hours accurately, so that it can compensate staff by either awarding time in lieu or overtimepayments for its staff.All these data are maintained using a spread sheet, and flights appointment and times are organised inMicrosoft Outlook. Initially, these processes were carried out effectively by using the existing technologydue to the small client base. At this initial stage, all files were paper based, and staff would often need tospend time searching for a particular file.However, as Ryan Aviation contracts have expanded, they have built additional bases around Queenslandand New South Wales, with a view to ensuring quicker response to bush fires and becoming responsive tothe needs of the communities they serve. Establishing additional basesimplies, distributing specialist aircrafts to each base, distributing staff, spare parts, maintenance personneland duplicating all related administrative processes.Ryan Aviation are keen to expand their organisation to other regions; however, they are apprehensiveabout how they would manage the increase in locations, particularly considering current manual processesand systems. For example, Ryan Aviation manually manages staff leave requests, payroll and timesheets,therefore duplicating these processes in other locations may present a challenge. They are aware that theywould need to have regular meetings with staff to ensure that a high level of service was maintained.These issues needed to be considered from a strategic point of view as Ryan Aviation faces the complexchallenge of expanding the workforce and increasing the number of locations, while at the same timemaintaining effective business processes and ensuring a high standard of ethics and security in informationsharing.AccountingAt the end of each month, the accounts department located at the base in Gold Coast pays all staff and alsomakes a report of all flights conducted, whether group or individual flights, so invoicing can be completedto each state government or mining company.Accounts department must also keep track and report on aircraft service records, number of spares used,number of spares remaining at each location and order / replenish stock. This includes the stock of fireretardant materials.Ryan Aviation decide to engage you as an IT consultant. Your job is to provide Ryan Aviation withsolutions that address the following issues and provide advice on what Ryan Aviation needs to implementto secure a successful future.Desired SystemRyan Aviation always wanted a system whereby clients can do online bookings, Flight timetables can bedone online, Pilot and Maintenance staff details are maintained online, Staff can be allocated online andreimbursed through online system. The system must be capable of tracking and maintaining stock levelsfor spare parts, fire retardant materials and water sources. The System should assist to do all billing andkeep records of flights, including origin, destination, personnel who operated the flight, purpose of flight,day and time of flights etc. The system should be able to produce basic reports or give out data in exceldumps for easy manipulation.Ryan Aviation has earmarked a budget of $200,000 for this project with a discount rate of 9%. Theyestimate that the new system will help in reducing cost by $8,500 per month. Maintenance cost could beestimated at around $1500 per month. The System life is estimated at 5 years for calculation of return oninvestment / payback period.2/5/2020 53202 – COIT20248 – Information Systems Analysis & Designhttps://www.australiabesttutors.com/Recent_Question/53202/COIT20248–Information-Systems-Analysis-amp-Design 4/5Data To Be Captured By The Desired System1. Helicopter – types, ratings, capacity, licence level, flights, engine hours.2. Staff – skills, pilot rating, flight time log.3. Spare parts – Part number, description, price4. Retardant and water sources – location, litres, kilograms, retardant price5. Schedulinga) Passenger, helicopters, staff and associated supportb) Air Attacks – Fire operations, helicopters, staff and associated support6. Booking, billing and payments – for above7. Tracking of fire retardant/water dumps8. Aircraft Maintenance – schedule, parts, …9. Staff scheduling/roster – pilots, ground staff, timesheets, leaves

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