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30 Jul

Collaboration: Growing entrepreneurial ventures


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Collaboration: Growing entrepreneurial ventures: Part 1 (2-week activity)Drive is a critical trait that any entrepreneur must have in order to be successful. However, drive alone can typically only take one so far. Most generally accept that entrepreneurs need some form of support for their venture, be it financial, advisory, labour, or otherwise, derived from social capital.The question to consider though is that even though many deem support as a requisite to venture success, is it at all possible for a lone entrepreneur to be just as successful as one with support? Though a minority, some businesspersons would agree, saying that ‘going it alone’, with limited resources, results in a stronger business venture. These individuals believe that a high level of social capital is not a necessity.Assume, for a moment, that the minority’s perspective is true. If this is so, do the chances for success then increase with the level of social capital or does it matter at all? For this Collaboration, take a position on this debate. Do you agree that support at the country level is a requisite for venture success?To prepare for this Collaboration:Review your Learning Resources with a focus on factors influencing venture growth and social capital.Research examples of entrepreneurial success in emerging markets with and without support garnered from social capital.Reflect on your own perspectives and experiences regarding the value of social capital in business.Identify factors, other than resources, that contribute to entrepreneurial success in emerging markets. Focus on country-level factors.Reflect on the importance of your identified factors.To complete this Collaboration:By Saturday (Day 3)In an approximately 300-500 word response, address the following·         Evaluate the value of social capital in entrepreneurial success within emerging markets and use this evaluation to support your position in the social capital debate.·         Evaluate other factors that you would consider key to the success of entrepreneurial ventures in emerging markets. Explain your reasoning and support your evaluation with your researched examples.·         Analyse methods in which countries can develop a ‘climate of innovation’ and how these methods also impact an entrepreneurial ventures’ success. Explain whether this impact affects your original position on whether support is necessary for the success of an entrepreneurial venture in an emerging market.Fully justify all your assumptions and claims using your own experience, the Learning Resources or your own research. Cite your work using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.Post your initial response to the Collaboration Forum.By Wednesday (Day 7)Post 3-5 responses to your colleagues in which you:Support or refute their position on whether support is necessary for the success of an entrepreneurial venture in an emerging market. Justify your reasoning.Identify and explain other country-level factors, not discussed by your colleague, that contribute to entrepreneurial success in emerging markets.Offer contributions based upon your prior experience.Extend the discussion into new but relevant areas.Model or promote critical reflection from what you have read.Ensure that you spread your collaboration posts across at least three separate days of each week. This will help maximise the value of your collaboration with colleagues and serve to meet the Learning Objectives for each activity.To access the Collaboration Forum, click on the “Week 4 Collaboration Forum” link.To submit your initial response to Turnitin, click on the “View/Complete” link for Week 04 Collaboration Initial Response — Turnitin.Suggested Answer

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