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15 Sep

Comparison essay on two arts for arts


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Write a short essay comparing the two paintings below in the depiction of depth, space, and scale. This essayshould be approximately 200 words long. Make sure you stay focused on the given topic, theme, and issue thatis the basis for your comparison. Also make sure that you discuss both artworks equally and that you makesure you organize your comparison in a clear, orderly, coherent way with about time given to each artwork. Donot discuss the two separately without comparing them. Also, make sure that you refer to them clearly in youressay. Do not refer to them as #1 and #2, left and right, etc. because this gets confusing for the professor andthe students. Instead, mention their titles at the start and a few times later as you continue with one artwork orswitch from one to another.Perugino, Christ Giving the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to Saint Peter, c. 1480, frescoNicholas Poussin, Saint John on the Island of Patmos, c. 1640, oil on canvas
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