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31 Jul

Competencies Adaptability


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CompetenciesAdaptabilityAdjust own behaviours and approaches in light of new information and changingsituations. Tailors approach to meet needs of individuals and groups.Ethical Accountability and ResponsibilityTakes responsibility for actions and makes decisions that are consistent with highethical policing standards.Interactive CommunicationUtilizes communication strategies in an effort to achieve common goals, influenceand gain others’ support.Organizational AwarenessUnderstands and uses organizational awareness to deliver optimal services. Seeksto understand the critical concerns and most important issues of stakeholders tofind optimal solutions.Problem SolvingIdentifies problems, implements solutions, and evaluates the outcomes.Risk ManagementManages situations and calls to mitigate risk and maintain a safe environment forself and others.Stress ToleranceRemains focused on results in the face of ambiguity, change, or strenuousdemands.TeamworkWorks cooperatively with members of the work team. Contributes to thedevelopment of a team environment where team members ultimately achieveestablished goals.Verbal and Written Communication SkillsAbility to communicate in both oral and written form, including giving (speaking andwriting) and receiving (listening and reading) information, in a way that ensuresmessages are understood.
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